Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I used to be tiny unassuming Miranda. I was the kind of girl who was always silent, never speaking. I was terribly shy and very small. I was always scared and I was always worried something bad would happen.

Then I met Felicia. We were only thirteen but she changed it all. She was kind of quirky but she had much more confidence than I had. She was a bit of a loner, that is true but she was the kind of girl who didn't seem to care. I know school wasn't that easy for her but to me she seemed so confident and so strong.

We became friends and I went from being the shy and insignificant Miranda to being one of the quirky ones. This was a change for the better.

We did everything together. We were really bosom friends. We talked of everything and we shared everything and I wasn't alone any more.

It took a while for friendship to develop into something more than just friendship. I began to understand I had a crush on her when I was sixteen and it wasn't that easy to get my head around. It took even longer for me to admit to myself I had a crush on her and longer still to realise that she had a crush on me.

That change was awkward at first. The first kiss was nervous and weird. If it had been for that nothing had developed. The crush was stronger than all the awkwardness and worries and finally we became lovers.

It was really weird to realise I had a crush on a girl. But it wasn't just a girl, it was my dearest Felicia, my best friend, the one I trusted with my life, who knew everything about me.

Alright, it all sounds very sweet and delightful. We have had our patches. Actually, we were separated for a while and she had a boyfriend, only for a month, though, and I was lonely and miserable. I am happy that time passed and we got together again.

We still have rows and get really upset with each other from time to time. We are no different from others. I know it is a little unusual to become lovers when you have been childhood buddies like that but it is not unheard of.

And now I am no longer the unassuming Miranda. Felicia has taught me to be confident. I know a lot of things I didn't know when I was younger. I know I am not hopeless and ugly. I know I can be sexy and attractive and I know that my touch is magical and can make her happy. That sort of things I know now.

I know this is an unusual blogpost but I thought I should say something about where I come from. I have changed and I am happy I am still changing.


Mina said...

It is a lovely post and thanks for sharing this with us.


Anonymous said...

You're right, that was an unusual blog post, but I'm glad you did it. It was truly fascinating to hear how you two met (I can't imagine how that would be, meeting the love of my life at the age of 13), and the changes you've been through over the years. It's amazing how far you've come!

Thanks for sharing those details with us...I found it really touching. *smile*


Miranda said...

Dear Mina, thanks...smiles.

Dear Alyx, what can I say but thanks...and smiles again.